CQS with 1 MOA dot & 65 MOA ring.

£290.00 ex VAT

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The CQS red dot, reflex sight is a close relative of the Shield CQB used by the British Armed Forces, but with a universal mounting system. It is smaller and lighter than the competition (66g / 2.3 oz including battery), but still meets the harshest military environmental specifications. We supply a variety of mounts, including Picatinny and bespoke fittings for a variety of magnifying scopes. A range of spacer heights are available so that you can adjust the height of the red dot, for example to co-witness with iron sights or align with an in-line 3x magnifier.

CQS with 1 MOA dot & 65 MOA ring. Picatinny mount and spacers included.


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