Shield have taken the incredible performance and strength of their military proven red dot sight the CQB/CQS and made it even better. The fantastic performance, weight and durability have been given an extra dimension by the added convenience of 4 switchable reticules and brightness adjustment settings via the touch of a button.



Now not only do their sights automatically change brightness to suit your environment but we added the simplicity of a manual mode for you to set your sight to perform in the exact conditions you require.


Command & Control

4 Switchable options on the SIS Center Dot (CD).

Brightness control; Switch to Automatic mode or Manual levels.

Manual with 12 stage adjustment from High to Night Vision

Automatic with 3 levels; High, Medium or low

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Due to the uncertainty around COVID 19 we cannot be sure what delays might be caused by the Corona-virus outbreak. Current orders are 3-4 weeks behind at present but that timescale will likely grow in the foreseeable future.