Are there any lock screws on the mechanism?

There are no lock screws required to hold our mechanisms from moving. Do not attempt to move any screws when zeroing other then the windage and elevation screws.

Can I buy a new cover?

Yes you can, you will find it in the accessories section of our online shop.

Do you have a list of dealers?

Yes, you can find our dealers here.

Do you have a mount to fit a ……?

We have over 40 mounts for our mini sight range and over 10 for the SIS sight, you will find these here on our website.

Does the sight withstand recoil?

Yes. The design of the SMS and subsequent models was first tested and brought to market in 1997. We have years of experience making sights that withstand daily use on a slide.

How do I remove my mounting screws?

With all Loctite it is suggested to warm the screw where possible so that you can loosen the hold the Loctite has on the screw. Due to the small size of the screws it can be easy to strip the heads, so great care should be taken to ensure a good purchase when locating the allen wrench in the screw head.

How do I use the Shim?

The shim is required if you find that there is not enough travel on the elevation when trying to zero. Normally there isn’t enough travel down so you would place the thick part of the shim at the rear of the sight and tip the sight down. You will then likely need to use the shorter of the screws to mount it down.

How is the sight shipped?

Our sights ship internationally via a tracked service and take less than 14 days to arrive if the item is in stock.

How long does the battery last?

The sight uses a light reader to adjust brightness automatically to best match your surroundings. If the sight sees an average day and night cycle it should last approximately 2 years on all 1, 4 & 8 MOA mini sights and 1 year in 65/1MOA mini sights and the SIS due to the larger number of LEDs.

Is the sight waterproof?

All of our products are designed to be weatherproof and will withstand rain, but for a more robust waterproof sight the RMSw and SIS are our leading products in this area.

Should I use Loctite and if so, which type?

We suggest that you use a small drop of Loctite 243 on all mounting screws, this include the screws that hold any mount to the firearms and of course the sight to the mount.

What is the country of manufacture?

Shield Sights are proudly made in the United Kingdom.

What LED size options do you have?

1MOA, 4MOA, 8MOA, 65/1MOA, and the Multi reticule in the SIS which can be a 1MOA, 65/1MOA, 8 MOA & 65/8MOA.

What material is the lens made from?

The lens is made from Zeonex which is a shatterproof high impact polymer.

What material is the sight housing made from?

This depends on which sight. The SMS range of sights are all made from a high impact polymer similar to the frame of polymer pistols, the RMS range and SIS are made from aluminium.

Where can I buy Shield sights?

You can buy our sights directly from our website or you can contact one of our dealers around the globe, you will find them here.

Where do I get mounting screws, my sights didn’t come with any?

The screw size will depend on which mount you have or whether someone has cut a slide for the sight. The standard screws required for mounting a Shield sight is an M4 x 8mm, M4 x 10mm or M3 x 8mm. Since 2019 all Shield mini sights have been provided with screws for mounting.

Which battery does the sight use?

CR2032. We have noticed a dimensional difference between certain battery manufacturers and we include stickers to take up any variation in tolerance.

Will your sight fit an RMR cut slide (or other sight footprint)?

No, unfortunately not. We have a unique footprint, but because our footprint is the smallest we are able to make adapter plates to fit slide or mounts prepared for other red dots. You will find these adapter plates here.

Still having problems? Contact us via our warranty form.


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